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OutBound Calls

Outbound call center services have been an important part of any business’s revenue generation or revue enhancement strategy. In the old days, outbound call center processes were synonymous with sales. It was clear that when someone from a call center calls you, they are going to try and sell something. Over the past decade, there have been many outbound processes that have more to do with customer retention and customer feedback than revenue. However, revenue enhancement remains one of the key outbound processes that are outsourced.

  • Proactive customer service (e.g. informing of delays, problems, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Sales calls to new (prospective) customers
  • Renewals (sales calls to existing customers)
  • Cross-selling or up-selling sales calls to existing customers
  • Debt collection
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research
  • Appointment booking